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MONICA LAZAR - Training and Recruitment Director with over 12 years experience in commercial and private aviation operators based in Europe and throughout the Middle East.
Paris - New York - London - Istanbul - Cape Town - Dubai - Tokyo - Beijing - Shanghai - Montreal - Sao Paolo - Hawaii - Los Angeles - Sydney - Thailand....And the list goes on...

We love cabin crew! With over 25 years experience in the field, excellence has always been our aim and now we are here to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams.
We Offer Priceless Information You Can’t Find Anywhere On The Web
Airline Recruitment Cheat Sheets give you updated information that is accurate, reliable and easy to follow. 

We spare you the research time and effort and bring you everything you need in one place. 

You will discover the recruitment process from A to Z specific to each airline, documents needed during every interview stage, direct links to the airline’s online application portal. 

A clear understanding of interview status changes and correspondence with the recruiters, airline history, current market position and expansion plan, cabin crew requirements and benefits and so much more.
Pass First Time Students
Fly For The Best Airlines In The World
We provide you with perfect CV templates you can use straight away and detailed guidance on what information to include and what to leave out along with absolute Do’s and Don’ts for CV writing. In addition, the examples of perfect photos you can mirror will make sure your portfolio stands out from the crowd and impresses the recruiters.
In this section, you will find key elements the recruiters focus on as well as expert advice on how to evaluate yourself and what to improve. This is the stage where most candidates get eliminated during the Assessment Day, but our easy to follow formula allows you to deal with any role play scenario you might have. We give you real life exercises from previous interviews along with suggested solutions to help you be the perfect team player and breeze through this difficult stage.
We will help you overcome your fears and turn your presentation into a speech that inspires the recruiters. We give you key elements to focus on to avoid getting lost in unnecessary details, qualities and skills recruiters are most interested in and tips to increase your self-confidence and help you ace your presentation. We also empower you with structures you can use to build a memorable presentation that will help you engage and get the recruiters to notice your uniqueness.

In this section, you will discover the most suitable attire you need to wear to impress the recruiters, clothing items you need to avoid, how to mirror the world-renowned airline image and how to groom yourself (makeup, hairstyle, accessories, etc.) according to the standard the airline sets for their existing cabin crew. Airlines invest millions of dollars in their image, the cabin crew are their global ambassadors and we will show you how to look the part!
93% of communication is done through body language and the recruiters will pay special attention to your body language and posture throughout the interview. In this guide you will discover how to come across as positive, friendly and confident, plus how to use your body language to send the correct message to the recruiters during the entire interview process.

We give you real life questions and answers from past interviews and we provide you with a formula to craft superb answers so you’re ready to deal with any question the recruiters ask. We will also teach you how to connect with and amaze the recruiters, answer all their questions with 100% confidence, avoid stress, maintain a composed attitude and pass the last hurdle of your interview.
You will find all the updated exercise types covered during interview stages of all major airlines. It will help you practice with real-life English and Maths tests given during previous recruitment drives. Practice makes perfect and we give you everything you need to sharpen your skills and become the perfect candidate.
Pass First Time Students
Fly For The Best Airlines In The World
Astonish The Recruiters With Additional Knowledge That Only Comes With Years Of Research, Experience & Expertise

Each airline invests thousands of dollars into interviewing, hiring, relocating and training every candidate. The recruiters constantly ask questions to see if you are aware of all the challenges that come once you are hired and if you are ready to cope with it all. 

Stay one step ahead of all the other candidates by learning details about the Middle Eastern culture, knowing what your relocation will entail and what to expect from your initial cabin crew training. 

We also explain time zone differences and the type of medical emergencies you can have once you start flying. This knowledge will turn you further into the perfect candidate while also making your relocation and initial training smooth as silk.
Pass First Time Students
Fly For The Best Airlines In The World
live online hangouts & webinars where we meet with our students who tune in from all over the world to ask us their questions, discuss their concerns and share priceless experiences from more recent interviews.
Our secret Facebook group is exclusively dedicated to our students and can be accessed by invitation only. It is the place where all our students come to find 24/7 support, answers to any cabin crew related questions and a heartfelt encouragement from a growing community that shares their passion for this amazing job. You have access to all the necessary support, you practice interview topics and make friends from all over the world.
Pass First Time Students
Fly For The Best Airlines In The World
And We Have Tons More....
  • All 25 + Tutorials, Webinars & Hangouts
  •  Over 8+ Hours Of Exclusive Video Content
  •  The A To Z Recruitment Process Of All Major Airlines. Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, FlyDubai
  •  Expert Advice From Recruiters And Trainers With 25 Years Experience
  • CV Templates & Examples Of Impeccable Photos To Get Your Application Off To A Perfect Start
  •  Group Game And Role Play Tutorials To Turn You Into The Perfect Team Player
  •  Step-By-Step Personal Presentations That Inspire The Recruiters
  •  How To Use Your Body Language To Send The Correct Message To The Recruiters
  •  Absolute Dos And Don’ts For Your Interview Attire
  •  Save Time & Money And Prepare At Your Own Pace
  •  Practice As Much As You Need And Focus On Areas You Struggle With The Most
  •  100% Compatible On Mobile & Desktop
  •  Unlimited Access Throughout Your Membership
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Stand Out From The Crowd
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We are 100% confident that you’re gonna love all the material in the platform, all the support we offer and the community we’ve built for you. 

If for any reason you are not satisfied, we promise to refund your money for the Pass First Time Platform within the first 30 days from your purchase.
Frequently Asked Question
Who is the Pass First Time Platform for?

The platform is ideal for candidates looking to apply for a cabin crew job with one of the major airlines as well as for those who already applied for this job before and were unsuccessful.

Why should I invest in this platform?

The competition for a cabin crew job is fierce, approximately 97-98% of all applicants fail their interview at least once. We’ve gathered our 25 years of knowledge and experience as cabin crew trainers, recruiters and managers into the Pass First Time platform. If you are serious about passing your interview, the Pass First Time platform is the best source of accurate, updated information delivered by real life aviation professionals.

I watched the free introductory video, what do i do now?

The best way to ensure you pass the interview first time or on your next attempt is to purchase the Pass First Time platform and proceed to check out. It’s that simple!

How long do I have access to the materials?

You can access your dedicated student dashboard at anytime, 24/7 for 365 days from the moment you purchased your Pass First Time platform. The resources are mobile and tablet optimised and work on all devices for ease of use.

What happens if I need access for a longer period of time?

Whenever your yearly access gets close to the end, you can renew your access by repurchasing the Pass First Time platform.

Is this a monthly membership or subscription service?

This is NOT a monthly subscription. Once your purchase is complete, you will have access to the resources included in the platform for 365 days. The yearly fee is non refundable and there are NO HIDDEN COSTS. Simple!

How do I access the materials once I’ve purchased?

Visit your “Login” section (top right corner on the website), where you will find your personal dashboard and a list of all the resources you’ve purchased. 

I don't have a credit/debit card or PayPal account. Can I ask somebody else to purchase for me?

Yes, you can ask somebody else to make the purchase for you. As soon as the purchase is completed, send us a screen shot of the payment confirmation as well as the email/username you used to register to as a member. We will manually unlock your access to the Pass First Time platform and you will be able to start your preparation anytime you want.

Do you write my CV and edit my photos as well?

Within the course you will find the most comprehensive guide to writing your CV quickly and easily in a way that makes it appealing to the recruiters and helps you stand out during the interview day or online applications. We also offer a complete CV writing service for our members only. Sign up as a Pass First Time Platform Student to discover exactly how it works.

What if I have additional questions that aren't answered in the course?

Our successful students tell us that they are surprised by how complete the course is and that the platform clarified all their doubts and questions. Nonetheless, if you have any other concerns to address, you can do so in our private student-only Facebook group and we will answer it promptly so you can attend your interview with 100% confidence.

Pass First Time Students
Fly For The Best Airlines In The World

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